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Airframe:  6000 Hours

Engine:  Lycoming 0235 Engine 0 Hours SMOH

Maintenance: Annual  and ARC April 2019 

Avionics: 8.33 COM & Mode C 

Exterior: Excellent

Interior: Recent upholstery upgrade 

Price: £ 31,995

1975 Piper Seneca II PA34-200T

Airframe: 3600 Hours

LH Engine: 0 SMOH 

RH Engine: 0 SMOH

LH Prop: 0 SMOH

RH Prop: 0 SMOH

Engineering: New Annual and ARC 

Avionics: Garmin 430, Mode S, RMI, HSI, ILS, DME, Auto Pilot & Mode S

Interior: 7/10

Price: £150,000 

1977 Piper Seneca II PA34-200T
Airframe: 7890 Hours
Starboard Engine: 1745Hours 
Port Engine: 345 Hours
Engineering: Annual and ARC October 2018
Propellers: 245 Hours 
Avionics: Garmin 430/HSI/RMI/ADF/DME/Mode S 
£52,000 Plus Owners VAT

1967 Piper Cherokee Six 

Airframe:  4585 Hours

Engine: Lycoming IO-540 750 Hours 

Propeller:  20 Hours

Maintenance: New Annual and ARC April 2019

Avionics: 8.33 Garmin COM / MODE S / VOR/ILS/ADF/DME

Interior Leather Cream Interior

Exerior: 7/10

Price: £75,000 

2002 Piper Warrior II Diesel 

Airframe: 4120 Hours

Engine: 135hp Engine 915  Hours Overhauled in 2009 

Interior: Excellent interior seats

Engineering: Annual and ARC TBA

Propeller:  overhauled in August 2013

Avionics: Garmin 430 COM/NAV/VOR/ADF/ Mode S 

Price: €93,000 PLUS OWNERS VAT

1982 Piper Warrior II

Airframe: TBA

Engine: Zero Timed Lycoming 0320-D3G Engine

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with Sale

Avionics: Garmin 650, Mode S , ILS VOR, ADF

Interior: New Interior

Exterior: New paint - you can choose the design

Price: £85,000 Plus Owners Vat

1980 Piper Arrow IV PA28RT-201

Airframe: 5800 Hours

Engine: 410 Hours Overhauled in 2010

Engineering: TBA

Avionics: Gamrin 430, HSI,ILS,VOR, ADF, DME & Mode S

Interior: Nice Interior

Exterior: Excellent

Price: €81,000

1971 Piper Cherokee Arrow Refurbished

Airframe: TBA

Engine: Zero timed Lycoming IO0360 C1C 

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with sale

Avionics: 8.33 Radio fitted, ILS, VOR, DME, ADF 

Interior:New Interior fitted

Exterior: Recent new paint 2016

                                                                                Price: £55,995

1984 Piper Warrior II Reburbished

Airframe: TBA

Engine: Zero time Lycoming 0320-D3G fitted

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with sale

Avionics: Gamrin 650 COM/NAV/GPS/ILS/VOR/ADF/DME

Interior: New interior

Exterior: New Paint

Price: £95,000

1979 Piper Tomahawk

Airframe: 8500 Hours

Engine: Zero timed Lycoming O-235-L2C 

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with sale

Avionics: TBA

Interior: TBA

Exterior: Will be polished with sale

Price: £27,000

1966 Piper Cherokee 180

Airframe: 3425 Hours

Engine: Factory  0360-A4A built in 1999 with 452 Hours

Engineering: Annual and ARC July 2017

Avionics: COM/VOR/ILS/ADF/DME/MODE C/GPS/Autopilot and Twin Altimeter

Interior: Nice blue leather interior

Exterior: Always kept in the hangar

Price: €35,000 plus owners VAT

1974 Piper Cherokee 140

Airframe: 4760 Hours

Engine: Lycoming 320-E3D 465 Hours MOGAS STC Fitted 

Engineering: Annual February 2018

Avionics: COM/VOR/ADF/Marker Beaker/Audio Panel/Mode C

Price: €23,000

1988 Piper Arrow III

Airframe: 12800 Hours

Engine: 2400 Hours

Engineering: Requires Annual


Interior: Good Interior

 Exterior: 6/10

                                                                                 Price: £29,000

1979 Piper Tomahawk Refurbished Completed September 17

Airframe: TBA

Engine: Zero Time Lycoming 0235 engine fitted

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with sALE

Avionics: COM/NAV/VOR/ILS/8.33 Radio & Mode S

Interior: Nice blue leather interior

Exterior: New Paint

                                                                                Wing Spar mod carried out

                                                                                Price: £28,995

1978 Piper Tomahawk Refurbished  Completed December  17

Airframe: TBA

Engine: Lycoming 0235-L2C Zero Time Engine

Engineering: New Annual and ARC with sale

Avionics: COM/NAV/VOR/ADF/MODE S/8.33 Radio

Exterior: New White Paint

Interior: Tidy

Wing Spar Modification

Price: £28,995